RFID – Baby Tagging

prevent babies or infants from being removed from a post natal ward without Baby tagging solutions and Infant Protection systems will be specifically designed to authorization.


Each baby wears a small tag around the ankle that contains a tiny radio transmitter. Once activated the tag sends a message called a "presence signal" to indicate that it is functioning properly. These messages are monitored by a dedicated PC, so that tags are supervised continuously.


The presence signal provides the system with information about the tag, and will generate an alert if the signal is lost, a different alert for a low battery and an alarm when a strap is tampered with.


Each facility has a designated "safe area," usually the maternity ward; infants may be moved freely within this area, at all times.


All exits from the safe area are monitored using an "Alarm portal" reader. As soon as a tag comes near an exit, an alarm occurs showing the specific tag, the name of the infant and the location.


As long as the infant is wearing a tag, he or she cannot be passed through a monitored exit undetected. And  with the special tamper-proof strap, an alarm immediately occurs if anyone attempts to cut or unfasten the strap from the tag.


When required the infant can be taken outside the safe area. A number of safety features are built in. The system has a "sign out" procedure, initiated locally at the dedicated PC, whereby staff can sign out specific infants. Sign outs are strictly controlled through the use of passwords. The identity of the person authorizing the sign out is recorded in the database of the PC. Similar precautions apply when discharging infants.