RFID – Inventory Management & Control

Hospital has very complicated and delicate inventory like Medicine strips and bottles, Oxygen cylinders etc. There could be many of the headaches caused by a lack of control and knowledge of their inventory. Whether it is a lack of knowledge of the quantity of a certain product, businesses continue to use outdated systems that do not allow them to get the most out of their inventory. Accurate Inventory Control keeps a detailed and accurate record of their purchase history as well as a way to properly reorder inventory. With a tight control of inventory, owners know when products are been stolen, when products out of stock, or when products need to be reordered.

As soon as the materials like medicine strips and bottles, oxygen cylinders, masks, etc. these materials before storing in the warehouse will be scanned by the reader and will be updated in the database. Thus hospital management will be having a complete record of the exact stock of the different equipments and drugs maintained in the store room.


As the stock is being moved out of the store room, readers placed at the doors of the store room will record this movement and will update the database accordingly. Thus management will be having an idea of which drugs and equipments are out of stock and in which quantity they should be ordered.


This system will also help in identifying which medicines are given to the patient and at what time. This will help in keeping the automatically updated history of the medication given to the patient, which is helpful for doctors. As the medicines as well as other medication equipments can be tagged, the exact medication and equipments used for the patient during his stay in the hospital can be recorded and updated in the database without any paperwork.


All this information will be used at the point of discharge to calculate the automatic bill for the patient just by scanning the patient tag id.