ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS - Innovative TV Advertising

  • A TV commercial is too costly an advertising option for small Business establishments.
  • Your brands / businesses are regional, but the best / most popular TV channels are national thus Traditional TV is expensive and wasteful.
  • If a firm had dipping sales in a city, it did not have an option to put Television advertisements in only that city.
  • An establishment which has a point of presence in specific cities and wanted to advertise on TV to reach end customers in those places had no option to advertise just in those specific cities.
  • Multi-lingual advertisements of a product would stretch campaigns and budgets.

  • Partner with companies in the business of ad syndication / interconnect network, enabling businesses to deliver targeted advertising on broadcast television channels.
  • We create your advertisement and get the same approved by you and the broadcaster
  • We insert your advertisement in the specific city according to the approved plan
  • Generate reports on successful insertion

  • Advertise through us on TV in any city of your choice and pay a fraction of the actual cost of the TV ad slot.
  • Choose from a wide selection of Entertainment and News Channels.
  • Make television advertising local and affordable.
  • Ensure that advertising spends are focused and effective.
  • Be target specific by targeting the city/region and the right audience
  • Make multi lingual advertisements and cover each city based on the local language
  • Create an ad, buy an Ad spot and get reports on its successful insertion all at one place.

10 reasons why you need to advertise on TV through us

  • TV is the only medium which combines audio visual content with reach unlike any other media.TV outperforms every other media by a long way in building memorable brands and delivering the highest sales.
  • TV is the most effective medium to build a brand and achieve mass reach.
  • On TV you can reach both a sophisticated audience as well as a mass audience.
  • By advertising on TV, your brand gets seen with other national brands.
  • TV can communicate both simple and complex messages effectively.
  • You can reach out to your audiences across time bands all through the day.
  • You can now target individual cities and a specific audience.
  • Keep changing your creative as often as you wish.
  • We offer affordable prices, so your budget can be met at all times.
  • Your brand presence can be maintained for a period of time on TV as you can have multi lingual advertisements with different/same messages in multiple cities simultaneously.
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