RFID / GPS BASED ERP’s SOLUTIONS - Store Management Solution

We have a Store Management Solution that automates the Inventory Management of all the items on displayor use , provides on demand stock reports to the management and also provides an effective ANTI-THEFT security ring within the store premises using RFID Technology.

The Store Management Solution provides a dual advantage of inventory 

Product RFID Tags

The specially developed tags are affixed to the display items using a tough nylon elastic band that cannot be easily cut. These tags store the product details in the tiny microchip inside and can be read using a portable handheld scanner. These scanners are used for carrying out stock taking and the inventory is updated automatically. The tags are dual purpose, they also serve as antitheft tags which allow the gate scanner to BUZZ loudly in the event somebody attempts theft. 


The salesman can simply run this scanner over the display items as many times in a day and the current inventory in display would be automatically updated. Once a day, the owner will be sent an email with the details of the opening stock, sales and the resultant closing stock.


These are industry standard anti-theft scanners placed at the main entrance exit door of the showroom. These come in various configurations and can be suggested depending on the topology of the customer premises. These gates have inbuilt sirens which alert the guard in the event someone tries to take an item out without billing or a proper checkout.


The desktop application gives the owner a comprehensive stock report daily, has an sales invoicing module and can also be integrated to the existing ERP or billing software . The application is designed in a way that invoices can be generated only on scanning and identifying the product TAG. Remote login and viewing is enabled for owners to remotely check the status

In a typical jewellery store having about 5000-10,000 items in display and stock, the

Installables are the following

  • The multipurpose product tag on all items for stock taking and anti-theft
  • The handheld scanner for stock taking
  • The USB scanner for billing and invoicing
  • The anti theft gate scanners at the entrance/exits
  • The application software

  • Fast and error free counting
  • Automatic updation of the Inventory Database
  • No repetition of counting
  • Reusable tags
  • Detects theft attempts instantly
  • Easy to use, One time Investment
  • Saves hours of Manual Counting Effort
  • Easy to use software