RFID / GPS BASED ERP’s SOLUTIONS - Campus Management Solution

Our Campus Management Solution can be introduced as : -

A RFID/GPS based ERP Solution specifically designed for educational institutions along with Campus Automation.

A means to transform the way we do things,

Avoid repetitive tasks “year after year”,

Assistance to enhance student learning,

Redirect resources to core activities available.

Anywhere,AnytimeOnline access to all stakeholders (Teacher, Parent, Student, Administrator)

Event scheduling to integrate academic & social activities.

Customization to suit school Policies monitoring through customization of alert notifications.

Providing tools for OVERALL education of children.

1. Academic year, Vacations and Holidays

2.Define academic year, holidays and vacations which can differ standard-division wise or staff grade wise.

3. Admissions

4 Online/ manual submission of application.

·         Generation of admit cards

·         Generating ranks on basis of test marks which can be assigned flexible weightages

·         Notification via SMS for shortlisted candidates.

·         Registration in school on fee payment.


5.Leave & Attendance

  • Provision to define timing profiles for all staff
  • Attendance will be captured by either RFID / Bio- metric attendance capturing device.
  • Option of manual attendance for staff as well as students if not opted for automated attendance capture device.
  • Provision to define types of leaves, crediting leaves to all staff at the start of academic year. A structure of credit and debit for leave balances. Provision to define on duty leaves.
  • Provision to define rules for penalty leaves for late In's and early out's.
  • Notification via SMS/ Email if forgot to check out, late in, early out, half day without leave or absent without leave.
  • Provision for parents to apply for a leave on behalf of their child. Class teacher may/ may not approve the leave (Especially helpful when child cannot attend exams due to personal problems, so that the teacher can plan for a retest for him/her).
  • Staff application for leave via SMS.

4.                  Fee Collection & Scholarship


  • Defining fee types
  • Accepting fees partially/ completely, generating receipts.
  • Maintaining a log of fund donors, keeping records of accumulated funds. Adjusting fees against these funds as scholarship
  • Provision for parents to apply forscholarships
  • Provision for parents to apply for due date extension for fee payment.

5.                  Time Table & Teaching Logs


  • Defining timetable
  • Planning teaching and maintaining teaching logs
  • Scheduling lectures to visiting faculties and provision for them to enter teaching log as well

6.                  Events , News & Thoughts for the day


  • Publishing news and viewing global news.
  • Defining events.
  • Having a number of thoughts for the day defined, out of which every day a random thought will be displayed at the dashboard

7.                  Tasks Management


·         Assigning tasks to an individual or a group, defining priorities and deadlines.

·         Hierarchical notification via SMS and email in case of pending tasks

·         Task reassignment.

·         Dashboard notification of pending tasks


8.                Academic Performance and Co-Curricular Activities


  • Defining exam types (Unit Test, FA1, FA2 etc.)
  • Defining exams natures (Oral, Practical, written etc.)
  • Assigning weightages for exam types which is extended to standard and then to subject level.
  • Scheduling academic exams.
  • Entering exam marks.
  • Generating academic report
  • Provision to set rules to consider the average of top 'n' or best amongst the examinations under same exam type and exam nature.
  • Parents will have access to their student’sacademic records 24X7.

9.       CCE Evaluation:


§ Defining evaluation categories, sub-categories, evaluation items and checklists

§ Defang range of grades for all the above

§ Provision to copy previous year's sub-categories, evaluation items and checklists

§ Associating above all to standards

§ Associating permissions for evaluation of sub-categories to staff at standard level.

§ Provision to add continuous evaluation.

§ Provision to upload documents/ evidences (Pdf's, excel, scanned copies etc.) against evaluations

§ Provision to set rules to consider the average of top 'n' or best amongst the evaluations.

§ In case of same evaluation for all students (e.g. Camp) a single evaluation entry can be applied to all the selected students.

§ Events can be associated against grades of subcategories; where in various workshops can be arranged for weak students and the information about these workshops will get printed against their evaluation in their report card.


10.               Interaction Desk


  • Blogs
  • Scraps (Can be private or public)
  • Private Inbox
  • Interaction forums

11.               Certificate design and generation


  • Any Certificates can be designed by you according to the structure that every school follows.
  • Provision to categorize them as ones for students and ones for staff.
  • Provision to flag them as "Can be issued only once”, in which case the next copy will be automatically marked as duplicate.
  • Log of every certificate which has been generated

12.   Syllabus, Q-Banks, Paper Profiles and Q-Papers


·         Associating Question categories to subjects from the pool of master question categories.

·         Entering questions under standard-subject-syllabus and entering corresponding answers along with weightages.

·         Flagging the question as approved, disabled. Setting the difficulty level of the question.

·         Provide hints and Tags the question for categories (Memory, Analysis, application etc.)

·         Designing Q-Paper profiles which will define number of questions of a particular category and difficulty level.

·         Generating automated question paper by selecting appropriate Profile. Editing/ deleting required questions


13.   Assignments and Practice tests!


  • Online assignment of homework which can contain some uploaded documents to be referred or practice tests to be solved.
  • Email to students on assignment of online homework.
  • Dashboard notification of pending assignments.

14.   Alumni Desk


·         Alumni can have access to all his academic records and uploaded documents.

·         Access to interaction module, events and news.



15.   Payroll


  • Defining types of salaries, types of deductions.
  • Defining salaries for grades and revising them in case of promotions/ increments
  • Defining salaries for individual staff, and revising them in case of promotions/ increments
  • Paying out the salaries section is in progress.



16.   Module Permissions


  • The school can decide for themselves as to which functionalities are to be made accessible to whom.
  • They can give permissions accordingly.
  • Some staff can have a complete access to a function, whereas some ones can have a partial access (only view, view and add etc.), whereas some cannot have any access to that function.


17.   Aptitude Measurement


·         The school can define rules to judge an aptitude of every student for a particular stream.

·         Academic subjects/ evaluation categories can be associated to a particular stream (e.g. Medical will include science for 5th to 7th std, biology for 8 to 10 std etc., Politics will include Life Skills, Attitudes and values etc.) so on so forth.

·         Graphs will show self-comparison over consecutive academic years as well as relative comparison with others.


18.   Document manager


The user can manage all his documents in one place.

19.   Students analysis on basis of various tests


The school can define various types of tests to judge the ability of any candidate for a particular habit (e.g. Study habits).

20.   Library


  • Library parameters can be set to define Book issue period, maximum books allowed at a time for staff/ student, fine for staff/ student etc.
  • Provision to define book categories
  • Provision to add books
  • Book issue/ return functionality which is made simple by a barcode reader which will read the code on every ID card, which in turn will directly open that staff's/student's library record.


21.   ID Card


ID cards can be printed through our solution for staff and students.        

22.   Smart Reports


  • A complete report card generation which consists of the academic evaluation and  CCE evaluation
  • Teacher's Pending duties
    • Attendance not marked, marks not entered and evaluation not done
  • Reports to be submitted to CBSE
    • CCE evaluation reports exported to Excel Sheets just in a way as required by CBSE board.
  • Students category reports
    • Age wise, gender wise, religion/cast/sub cast wise
  • Class wise exam marks reports
  • Staffs leaves report showing current status of leave balance and leaves log.
  • Teaching Log Summary
  • Attendance reports for staff and student

Module wise system usage and relative system usage—

Centralized Repository - All in One Place
Effective Resource Utilization

RFID Based Attendance System

School Bus Tracking (Effective Student Location Tracking using GPS)

Student Management (including Attendance, Performance, Security etc.)
Staff Management (including Attendance, Productivity, Securityetc.)

Time Table Scheduling

Question Bank Maintenance
Exam Paper Generation
Exam Scheduling

Academic Performance Analysis

Notifications of Upcoming Exams/ Events

Monitoring Fees Payment & Admissions Online