RFID / GPS BASED ERP’s SOLUTIONS - Parking Managment System

An often neglected area of security in housing complexes is that of the residential cars within the parking premises.  An increasing crunch of space within the premises points to a typical situation faced by most residential committees. They are unable to keep a manual check on all vehicles entering the premises which often leads to not only a colossal breach of security but also a daily irritant in terms of the society members complaining about unauthorized guest / visitor parking etc.

A professional car park management system would address the following desired benefits

  • Maintain a system log of all vehicles entering and exiting the complex
  • Operate the gates automatically without manual intervention, hence less load on security personnel.
  • Validate every visitor or guest car since they would not be able to pass without verifying credentials at the gate.

The windshield TAG AND GATE

·         It is a normal practice to issue car passes to residential cars to identify the stickers and let them pass. The disadvantage being, in case of large societies having a few thousand vehicles, its not practical for security men to peer at every car sticker manually. This would surely lead to nuisance and irritation value.

·         A technically superior and efficient solution is to use long range RFID stickers on the windshield and automatically operate the BOOM GATE when the tag is read.

·         When the vehicle comes into a 10-15 meters range, the vehicle tag is read and the gate opens if the tag is VALID. For those cars who do not have the tag, the security guy would manually issue a visitor pass with date and time stamp on it. At the point of exit, the pass is collected and exit time is punched in the system. This process makes it mandatory for all visitor vehicles to get validated before they are allowed inside the compound.

·         This is pretty much the same system prevalent at the toll gates with the only exception that for residential cars, the gate opens automatically.


We would provide a customized visitor management application software running in a local machine kept in the society premises which will provide MIS on the following counts

·         Time date of entry and exit along with vehicle number

·         Number of vehicles present in the parking zone at given time

·         Details of all visitor car, time of entry and exit

·         Any other customized format that’s required

Bill of material for one residential society

1.       RFID TAGS – one for each vehicle in the parking zone

2.       Boom barrier gate- one entry and one exit connected to RFID

3.       RFID reader – one at entrance and one at exit – connected to multiple antennas to create 15 meters range

4.       One high speed computer with Interet connection connected to the readers.

5.       Application software running on local computer.