RFID / GPS BASED ERP’s SOLUTIONS - Inventory Management

  •  A company has to manage a wide variety of Inventory to service its customers , categories include engineering items, F&B items, IT items, office use items, customer info items like kiosks etc.
  • There is a perennial problem of misplacing and / or losing valuable inventory due to random relocation of the items everyday, these instances are difficult to monitor manually and cause needless loss of time and money disrupting operations
  • The existing Paper Label system of identifying assets is limited in effectiveness and  does not provide  real time information.
  • The solution being explored is expected to build an Intelligent INVENTORY MANAGEMENT system that not only helps updated Inventory but also generates real time alerts to supervisors when inventory zones are switched or moved.

PASSIVE RFID- A superior cost effective solution

Basic components

The 4 basic components of the solution are : -

  1. Passive RFID TAGS to be affixed on all Items to be monitored
  2.  Handheld RFID scanners to be used to count the Inventory periodically, to induct new items into the list
  3.  Zone specific RFID READERS to be used to detect movement of items out of specific zones.
  4.  Application software that provides MIS on the inventory and also the real time alerts to supervisors in case of exceptions.

TAG Electronic Labels: What does the Tag store?

Each Tag affixed on the Item stores

  1. Description of the Item
  2.  The particular zone in which its supposed to be located
  3.  The date of being put in place

The information is stored in  the tags using the handheld readers- Just point and “write”

  • Enables electronic storage of information on items making it more accurate and most importantly REAL TIME
  • RFID enables long range detection making this system an automatic monitoring system without manual intervention.
  •  RFID enables quick check on inventory using handheld readers- saves time and provides accurate data.
  • One time set up costs – Low Operating costs, invaluable timely alerts offsetting operational losses

  •  RFID is far superior to any paper based tagging like barcode, labels etc, life span of tags are several years- One time Investment.
  • The Business advantages of knowing REALTIME the instances of deviations are far greater than suffering business inefficiencies- Investment  is Justifiable
  • Solution is scalable to any Inventory size, hence works well as business grows.