Guardtrax is a tailor made GPS handheld tracking solution designed for all business houses involved in the monitoring of field guards, their daily movement, their reporting, time misuse and in all creating processes where their customers can be told transparently about the productivity of the guards.

  • Android based handheld solution , runs invisible in an android phone.
  • Powers up automatically, when the phone is turned ON
  • Works in Indoor locations too, where conventional GPS handhelds fail
  • Can be remote programmed or remote rebooted for troubleshooting

Gives data on the following

i.  location on map of the guard

ii. Movement details of the guard on the map

iii.  Details of movement outside pre-designated areas

iv.  Alerts when the guard reaches specific locations like vantage points

   The pieces of the solution

a.       The android application- This will be installed in the mobile phone either supplied by us or procured by the customer. This application will be transferred to the phone via Bluetooth or a data cable.

b.      The Tracking portal – This is the portal hosted by US which will identify all guards by name by virtue of their mobile number and show the movement locations on the map, generate reports, alert the management about exceptions. 

Since this solution is based on the mobile phone carried by the guard, it is important that the guard keeps the phone charged and POWERED ON all the time. This is a discipline the management has to instill in them which is outside the purview of the technology.