All manufacturing and distribution businesses have a need of a robust, proven logistics support. The average cost of logistics is in the range of 4 – 7%. Well developed and deployed Logistics Management Solutions can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the logistical function significantly and help reduce costs.The biggest challenge faced by the transport industry is the lack of reliable and timely information about the location and status of a vehicle and this information is the heart of planning logistic operations. Efficient logistics operation is the key to reducing costs and improving profitability for the companies in this sector. The money value of the consignment transported is one of the highest in this sector and logistics optimisation plays a decisive role in reducing the in transit inventory and therefore the working capital of the company. Products right from crude oil to finished products are prone to theft,pilferage and contamination and these losses if un-arrested can scale unprecedented levels and the logistics Operations are perennially stressed in containing these losses.

If you are looking for: -

  • Tracking your vehicles / fleet 24/7
  • Curbing fuel pilferage and driver indiscipline?
  •  Low cost, High end Technological Solution to reduce your fleet operational Costs?
  •  Ways to improve the operational management of your fleet?

  •  Methods to increase your fleet productivity?

Then we have a GPS based Solution for ENHANCED FLEET PRODUCTIVITY

It offers you the facilities of automatic vehicle location, report generation of distance traveled, fuel efficiency, idle time, fleet utilization, instances of over-speeding with exact location,accident forensics and geo boundary violations of your vehicles.

                We can customize the solution based on your requirement and also offer customised branding solutions to upscale the solution based on your needs. We pass on our savings from indigenous development to our customers in form of lowest prices. Our in-vehicle GPS hardware is designed to work in tough operating conditions, perfected over years of R&D and is lowest priced  to meet your budget outlay.

Over the years we have successfully implemented GPS based solutions for fleet management in India and International markets for applications like: -

  • Cargo Pilferage detection
  • Vehicle Security system using Geo Fence
  • Online Temperature Control of Cargo : ice cream,distribution frozen foods
  • On Road Cargo , temperature management
  • Biometric sensing for authentication with GPS
  • School Bus Management for child security and ETA notifications to parents
  • In Vehicle passenger counting system
  • Anti-theft driver management system for car rental companies
  • Tourist bus fleet management, passenger counting and diesel pilferage detection

  • Compact, robust,tamper proof In-Vehicle Tracking Unit
  •  Install able in all LMV, Trucks and even construction machinery like JCBs etc
  • Instant update on the Map up to the last minute via GPRS.
  • External sensors to enable applications like anti-pilferage, passenger counting, temperature monitoring of cargo.
  • On demand management reports indicating parameters like distance, speed violations, route violations, running time/idle time, engine on/off times.
  • Auto alerts on emergency conditions via email or sms.
  • Lowest possible cost of ownership of the system. Web based tracking monitoring with no IT Capex requirement.
  • Accident analysis using minute by minute route replays.
  • Rich data on driver indiscipline instances by checking route violations.
  • Customized Points of Interests on Google Map.
  • Integration to Legacy ERP

  • Fully Secure System providing increased profitability of vehicles through better utilization.
  •  Insurance cost reduction
  • Improved operational management: Proof of delivery/service, accurate location of vehicle in case of breakdown, reduce communication costs and improve edge.
  •  Compact GPRS/GPS In vehicle Tracking Unit-Lowest possible cost of ownership.
  • The cheapest form of insurance for your vehicles since it provides a complete anti theft security. Increases the portability of vehicle and cargo recovery  in the event of theft.
  • Very low recurring costs per vehicle, easily integrates into your operations budget.
  • Reduce liability, Increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, Increased profitability.
  •  Lower Insurance costs and gain control of company assets.
  • 24/7 account access from any online location.
  • Increase efficiency, increase profits

I.  Manufacturing companies with cargo movement needs. They need to know when the shipment will reach the customer’s premises.

II. Logistics and transportation companies trying to reduce the operational costs and improve fleet performance.

III. School Management implementing our solution  to enhance child security. Knowing the ETA of buses and vans and providing instant alerts to parents on instances of breakdown.

IV.Banks implementing our solutions in their vans involved with secured cash management activities.

V.Tourist buses/Limo-sine Operators wanting to know the ETA of their vehicles and seamlessly with no manual/driver intervention.

Sr. No

ROI Factors

Potential Savings


 Optimized vehicle running daily due to : Direct routing

Reduced personal abuse of vehicles

Reduced mileage pilferage

A 10% reduction in the number of kilometers driven at the rate of Rs. 20/km for a total of 8000 Kms per month works out to a savings of RS. 1600/Vehicle/Month. This boosts the productivity.


Optimized fuel efficiency due to speed control

Due to speed monitoring on a conservative level, there would be cost savings of 5% per vehicle  per month. This is again another productivity enhancement factor.


Optimized turn-around times due to better route management

An estimated  30-45 minutes per day extra per person at the rate of Rs. 100 per hour works out to be additional revenue of Rs. 600 /per month/per vehicle. This adds to the top-line of the management.


Optimized pay-outs due to better cost control.

An estimated overtime of just 1 hour per week gives a person 8 Day/ month @ Rs. 100 per person which works out to a total of Rs. 800/- per person.

  • Design and supply of In-vehicle hardware and software
  • System hosting , customization and integration to legacy ERP systems
  • Installation onsite
  • Training Onsite
  • Operational Support
  • Warranty and Post Warranty support