RFID / GPS BASED ERP’s SOLUTIONS - Car Security Management

The most innovative car security,anti-theft system available in the world.Empowers the car owner with total control to locate his car and also lock/immobilize the car using his GSM/CDMA mobile phone.

“You can’t STEAL it, if you can’t START it “

Innovative Features


•      Cover tamper proof unit

•      Accurate location tracking
•      Can be controlled from any where in the world
•      Extra security password protection
•      User programmable VIN
•      Remote vehicle monitoring
•      Remote control with Alert function
•      Super long range remote control
•      PANIC Button for passenger's safety
•      High pitch Siren-crime deterrent
•      Automatic vehicle lock
•      Remote engine immobilization

Optional features

•      2-way voice communication


•      Trip and route management


•      Ignition On/Off status report


•      Route Deviation notification

  • Private car owners
  • Company owned cars
  • Car Rental companies