RFID / GPS BASED ERP’s SOLUTIONS - Automatic Vehicle Identification

The Current Scenario in a Gated Community:-

  • —  None of the currently used technologies provides hands-free access  for the authorized vehicles.
  • —  Human Intervention is needed even for authorized vehicles.
  • —  Possibility of unauthorized vehicle entering the premises.
  • —  In case of proximity vehicle access control, the identity card can be stolen or lost.

Is there any Solution catering all above problems?

Answer is
RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) based Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) is a wireless technology used in applications to identify and receive information about vehicles passing by the entrance or exit gate, with no need to stop the vehicle or to open window.

As the vehicle moves into reader area of interrogation, the transponder placed on the windshield of the vehicle transmits its unique ID to the reader which is converted into useful information via software technology.

The vehicle is granted access only if the ID found to be authorised and a controlling signal is issued to lift up the boom-barrier or open the swing gate.

ü  An unique identification code for every registered/ authorized vehicle.

ü   Automatic hands-free operation means no buttons to push or cards to swipe.

ü   Long-range identification allows for rolling access.

ü   Non-intrusive infrastructure gives aesthetically pleasing installation.

ü   No human intervention at entry/exit for authorized vehicles.

ü   If any unregistered/unauthorized vehicle with a similar protocol tag approached

   the gate, the respective tag will be identified and logged with date and time,

    however no access will be given to the vehicle and an alarm can be generated to alert the security.

ü   Count of Vehicles inside & outside the premises, Time In & Time Out of every registered vehicle can be maintained in the computer database.

ü   System will decrease fuel consumption and will be more environmental friendly.

ü  Business & IT Parks

ü   Commercial & Residential Complexes & Buildings

ü   Villas

ü   Educational Institutes

ü   Townships

ü   Ports

ü  Industrial Areas