User defined Earnings & Deductions heads

  • Flexibility to add or modify any number of Salary Components - Earnings & Deductions
  • Taxable & Non Taxable Earnings for Income Tax Calculations
  • Payslip / Non Payslip Component
  • Calculation based on Attendance
  • Monthly or Yearly Payments

Payroll Processing

  • Input information for all newly joined employees and resigned/left employees
  • Salary on Hold & Freezing of Salary in case of Termination of Employees
  • Process by Exception - you only need to enter Pay and/or deduction information when there are changes
  • Pro-rata calculations for employees based on Attendance
  • Lock month facility to avoid changes in Processed Data

Arrears Calculation

  • Arrears calculation for any previous period / Retrospective effect
  • Arrears Components will be shown separately in Payslip under the head “Arrears”

Other Payments

  • Gratuity, Bonus & Ex-gratia Calculation
  • Reimbursement - Medical, LTA or any other user defined reimbursement
  • Monthly Reconciliation - allow us to compare the changes in the pay components from last month to this month.

Salary Reports (Payslip& Salary Sheet)

  • Automatically calculates all the income, deductions & Company Contributions as per the requirement
  • Regular Payslips (with Logo) can be viewed or accessed on web
  • Reimbursement Payslips can be viewed or accessed on web
  • Generates Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer List
  • YTD salary Sheet & Summary of each employee

Bank Transfer

  • Soft copy format available in Excel or any format specified by different banks
  • Bank Transfer Statements can be generated for both Regular & Reimbursement Payments
  • Cheque / Bank Transfer / Cash List

Income Tax Management

  • Auto calculations of Exemptions & Deductions on the basis of declarations received and compute income tax payable for the entire year & the tax to be paid each month
  • Auto calculation of TDS based on Projections
  • Prints Form 16, 16AA & 12BA
  • Quarterly e-TDS Return as per the NSDL format
  • Income Tax Projections can be emailed in PDF format, accessed on web
  • Perquisite calculation as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.
  • Investment Proofs activities at the end of the year

Following activities would be performed for the actual investment proofs:

  • Verify the validity of the proofs from the angles of
    • Date
    • Payee
    • Type of investment
  • Enter them in payroll software and compute the tax liability

  • Multiple Reimbursement Components like Medical , LTA & Customizable Reimbursement Components
  • Upper limits can be specified – Employee wise or Grade wise
  • Annual Limits or Monthly Accruals
  • Opening Balance, Entitlement, Amount Reimbursed, Supporting provided and Balance amount can be checked
  • Reimbursement Payslips, Bank transfer statement for Reimbursement Component 

PF Calculation & Reports

  • Submission of PF declaration Forms in Form 2 for all the covered employees on monthly basis.
  • Submit Monthly Returns in form 5 & 10 and Form 12-A before 25th of every month.
  • Submit Yearly Returns in Form 3-A & 6-A before 30th  April every year
  • Ensuring deduction of PF contribution from the Monthly (Basic & DA) Wages of all eligible employees.
  • Remitting Employer and Employee Contributions along with EDLI and admin charges in challan.
  • Maintaining year wise Register
  • Submit PF withdrawal/transfer forms to PF office.
  • Follow up for status of PF withdrawal/Transfer and PF slips to respective dept.

 ESIS Calculation & Reports

  • User defined ESIC Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee
  • ESIC applicability check at Employee Level

Professional Tax

  • User definable State wise Slab
  • PT applicability check at Employee Level

Labour Welfare Fund

  • User definable State wise rate
  • LWF applicability check at Employee Level 

  • Employees Full & Final settlement can be prepared based on resignation of employees in the current month.
  • Automatically calculates outstanding Loan balances, Notice pay and Leave Encashment, Gratuity, Reimbursement balances and recovers all Loan balances and Income Tax.
  • Generates Full & Final Settlement Calculation sheet for all the calculations done.