SMART PAPER SOLUTIONS - Technology Features

QUICK RESPONSE (QR) by its very name can trigger an action like direct the user to a website for any transaction or promotion messages.

Can be read by web cameras, mobile phones – imaging devices.

Very cost effective solution for document security and verification through a web application

The QR Code is the latest in data encoding and printing on a variety of mediums.

It is easy to print like a bar code, but is a lot more powerful.

Capable of storing much more information in both horizontally and vertically manner, hence higher levels of encryption possible Data can be stored in a more compact way, less space needed to print.

Can store a vast variety of  information like website URL, textual data, promotion messages.


What can be stored in the QR code ?

  • Unique numeric identifier for each student/individual which can be encoded in the QR code as variable printing  matter
  • Textual descriptor for each student like Name, DOB etc – could be a unique line of text the university desires
  • URL or website address for quick response to a query                QR code can be scanned using a web camera or a mobile phone – hence does not need any special grade equipment .
  • QR code can be scanned using a web camera or a mobile phone – hence does not need any special grade equipment
  • Instant third party verification using a mobile or a web application           

Micro texting can be done along the border or throughout the document as per the design/requirement of the Organisation.

The Logo / symbol / Picture of the University / Government / Organisation is put onto the background of the document as a ghost image called a Watermark. 

The distinct Logo can be put on the document which can either sync with the document or be protruding out to give a different feel, usually a print feature.

The document can be signed manually by a Ball-pen or Gel pen or can be digitally signed. The Digital signature brings uniformity of signatures.

A strip is in the form of a zinc plated metal strip on the document that is either a separate color or the same as the document. This strip has the Logo or Micro texting or the Name of the university printed on it. This feature is practically impossible to duplicate.