A Smart Labeling technology applied on a unique substrate of paper which creates a winning combination of Smart Certification. The paper is non-tearable and washable, termite proof and chemical/solvent resistant and various innovative features while the Solution ensures anti-counterfeiting of university / government documents by using multi-level security design. The combination of these innovative technologies makes authenticity checking of documents easy, quick and simple, makes counterfeiting virtually impossible and creates a continuous revenue source for the organisation implementing the solution.

Our Vision is to

  • Use smart Labeling technology on an innovative paper at the point of issuance of the important documents
  • Help preserve important documentation
  • Provide Multi-level security design to make counterfeiting technically impossible
  •  Make the verification of documents practical, economical, very user friendly for employers, institutions with no need of any special hardware to authenticate the documents.
  • Establish a new standard in documentation
  • Create a new source of revenue for the organization implementing our solution justifying ROI