The benefits of UC are clear, but research and planning prior to implementation is essential:

  • Begin by envisioning the results of UC for your small business as it can positively affect the way your organization collaborates and communicates


  • Be sure to maintain an open-minded outlook regarding different options. UC is a rapidly changing set of solutions, so try to build in the capability for your small business to adapt as the market changes


  • Don’t forget security. It’s great for employees to feel comfortable communicating through so many channels and devices, but be sure to build in corresponding security features with any UC or mobile solution 


  • Most importantly, don’t forget to seek out help when you need it. A trusted solutions partner can advise you on UC options, implementation and the benefits your small business can realize through this technology 

If you're not familiar with unified communications (UC), or if you haven’t integrated it into your business, you may be missing out on increased productivity, reduced costs and an improved professional presence.

UC is the convergence of voice, video and data services and software applications to achieve greater collaboration among individuals or groups, which improves business processes. Components of UC include video conferencing, unified messaging, smartphones, presence technologies and instant messaging.

UC integrates all of your business’s communications into a single system by blending messaging and real-time services. One of the best perks of UC for a small business is that it can make your business seem larger by enabling everyone within the organization to remain connected, no matter where they are.