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At JV, we incubate the culture of Share & Care. We believe in empowering people to help achieve their goals – goals that are achieved by the coming together of talent and innovation, powered by ownership and freedom to experiment, leading to tremendous growth for the individual and the organisation. We intend to design every policy & framework towards synchronization of individual as well organisational objectives.

We strongly believe that the work place is like a second home for its employees & therefore the atmosphere & environment must practice the basic philosophy of family culture & open door policy. The reach of our family members are right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari so it is a truly cosmopolitan culture.


Our Hiring policies are purely based on the merits of the individuals rather than any discrimination based on race, region, religion, gender or any other criteria. 
Benefits to our JV(ites)

Salary structures are designed in such a manner that it rewards the good performers on a month on month basis. Apart from this at JV, we offer comprehensive array of benefits, structured to meet the needs of our employees. The employee friendly practices in our organisation are:

Medical Health Insurance

Subsidized rate lunch

Accident Insurance Policy

Employee long tenure gift

Employee birthday and anniversary half day grace

Paid half day special leave every month

Gift from company in case of marriage and new born occasions

Machinery purchase from retail outlet at discounted rates for the employees

Annual health check-up and tie up with hospital for discounted rate treatment

ESS Assistance

We have comprehensive online tools to assist JV(ites) for their day to day activities & needs
Dedicated HR Helpdesk

We have dedicated HR Helpdesk at the service of every JV(ite).

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