HR Code of Conduct
We at JV,  strongly believe that every individual whether it’s an employee, candidate, vendor, customer or any stake holder of the company must be respected as an individual.

We strongly suggest & ensure that every individual at JV follows following codes of conducts:

We ensure that all individuals are cared for & get a safe & healthy environment during or on the course of the employment.

Every JV(ite) is motivated & inspired to achieve their periodic targets in a very objective manner.

We encourage all to upgrade their skills & performance levels so that they can grow in the organisation.

We expect all JV(ites) to not only work towards achieving complete customer satisfaction  but also to excel & surpass those expectations each & every time.

We assure all our customers & stake holders that their concerns & expectations will be managed in the most cost effective, confidential & professional manner.

We expect all JV(ites) to work in the most responsible & responsive manner towards their role & responsibilities.

We ensure that all our policies & plans are aligned with our Vision, Missions & Values & they are adhered to strongly yet with flexibilities within limits to accommodate exceptions.

We practice meritocratic culture & value the high performing assets.

We respect individuals with high integrity, cultural values & provide safe & healthy work environment for all.

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